Business Collaborations

Together, we can create something singular to present to the world.

I've had the privilege of creating artwork for various businesses, such as restaurants and resorts, collaborating with contemporary ballet companies, crafting book illustrations for poets and authors, and bringing film concept illustrations to life. Additionally, I've worked alongside fashion designers and tech developers to create unique pieces of art. If you're a like-minded small business with shared values, let's delve into enduring commission projects or wholesale collaborations. 


fashion & Art collaboration

EDVARDA x Fleischer Couture

Fleicher Couture is known for creating exclusive down jackets and outer jackets that combine trendy and timeless design with outstanding functionality. They mix femininity with practicality in a rare way.

Edvarda is passionate about the aesthetics of fashion advertising and not least fashion illustration!

We invite you to take part in Edvarda x FC's wonderful journey into the magnificent Norwegian nature.

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Interior Aesthetics

Let´s delve into creating an enduring commission piece or a limited edition collaboration.

I collaborate directly with interior designers and furniture retailers, enhansing the ambience of spaces. Whether you represent an interior or furniture store in search of distinctive artistry, I can infuse soulful design into your environment.



My bespoke approach guarantee the creation of something uniquely beautiful and meaningful for your space.

Over the years I have made several commissioned pieces for private clients both locally and internationally. My forte lies in crafting narratives, or creating more conceptualized pieces through a tight collaboration with the client. Whether you desire a personal masterpiece for your home or a corporate commission, I'm here to breathe life into your vision of YOU!


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Anticipate insights into my creative process and behind-the-scenes narratives.

I introduce 2-3 collections each year, each built around a distinct theme close to my heart and intellect. By becoming part of my studio list, you gain exclusive access to the latest updates on my artistic pursuits, and the privilege of being among the first to view or acquire these remarkable pieces.

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Edvarda x Bokhari

About our teamwork

Teaming up with BOKHARI a social enterprise that secures decent work for adults, and schooling for their children at the LAMS school in Pakistan. 

The collaboration with Bokhari is part of my ever-engaging interest in finding new inclusive ways to experience art for the common good.

Edvarda x Artcards

Experience the joy of possessing the complete EDVARDA BRAANAAS art card collection, a treasure trove of creativity and beauty.

The collection comprises eight meticulously crafted double art cards.

Delivered in an elegant gift box, this collection is not merely a set of cards but a work of art in itself.

An opportunity to celebrate the union of art and sentiment with the EDVARDA BRAANAAS art card collection.